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Clappform can be used for any kind of machine learning. From classic machine learning models to deep learning, under supervision and without supervision. On this page we explain how Clappform can help your business in dealing with machine learning more efficiently, accurately and effectively.

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Nowadays, data scientists can build some of the most sophisticated AI solutions. The possibilities are endless and AI can add much value. To realize this value, however, solutions must be incorporated in and embraced by the business. In reality, this is not always the case. Nick Heudecker, an analyst at Gartner, estimates that 85% of AI projects fail. One of the main causes of these failures lies in the adaptation rate by the business. Often, key stakeholders are often not involved from the start or aligned during the phase when AI’s use cases are defined. Consequently, the proposed solution does not fit the business problem or cannot be integrated into the workflow. The process of building AI solutions without actively involving the business is what we call ‘tech push’.

At Clappform, we believe in ‘business pull’. The business should lead the process of defining AI solutions, coming up with different use cases and defining their most challenging problems. How can someone lead highly technical solutions, however, without any technical expertise? This is where the analytical translator and Clappform come in to help.


“of the AI projects fail”, according to Gartner

The role of the Analytical Translator in a succesfull AI solution

See below the Analytics Translator role as explained by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) . At each step in the analytics initiative the translator has an important role to play:

Step 1. Identifying and prioritizing business use cases

Translator role: Works with business-unit leaders to identify and prioritize problems that analytics is suited to solve.

Step 2: Collecting and preparing data

Translator role: Helps identify the business data needed to produce the most useful insights.

Step 3: Building the analytics engine

Translator’s role: Ensures the solution solves the business problem in the most efficient and interpretable way for business users.

Step 4: Validating and deriving business implications

Translator role: Synthesizes complex analytics-derived insights into easy-to-understand, actionable recommendations that business users can easily extract and execute on.

Step 5: Implementing the solution and executing on insights

Translator role: Drives adoption among business users.

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Clappform’s Role

Clappform aims to provide a simple yet comprehensive cloud-based platform that is easy to use for anyone. To provide this user experience, we have built a low-code platform into which any type of data can be imported manually or automatically. In addition, Clappform has a workflow module in placeto to visualize and execute actual business processes. Based on these functionalities, business and technology will be able to collaborate more dynamically whilst keeping it simple.

How does this work?

  • Business processes can be mapped and visualized by using the workflow module
  • Visualize data tables and link data to workflows
  • Integrate the AI solution directly into the workflow
  • Compare the results and validate the business value

Within Clappform, all these steps can be executed cooperatively by data experts and the business. We believe that visualizing and quick prototyping is key to achieving business value. Clappform provides these functionalities and always seeks to improve. Feel free to ask us for a demo or to give us any feedback.

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